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Discover Haliotis with our Paua necklace . This shell acts on the 2ᵉ chakra known as the sacral chakra , promoting intuition and openness of the mind .

Haliotis mother-of-pearl purifies the aura and facilitates access to the astral body. It promotes the circulation of energies in the body and helps to focus the mind to achieve mental clarity .

The Paua necklace highlights the beauty of mother-of-pearl , carefully selected for its purity and mystical radiance .

NB: Mother-of-pearl is unique and may have color variations as well as irregularity in size.

Haliotis / Suede / 925 Silver

925 sterling silver will not rust. On the other hand, jewelry oxidizes over time and can turn black. Use baking soda mixed with warm water in a bowl to clean and revive your silver jewelry. Gently rub your jewelry with this solution using a soft cloth.

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