Stones and shells, unique, elegant and inspiring necklaces, created in the Arcachon basin

The Editorial | at 10:26 a.m.

Inspired by islands and travel, the necklaces of Nina, creator of the Puravida Loha brand, are handmade, are eco-responsible and each piece, made with love, invites us to wonderland.

The young jewelry brand Puravida Loha is based in Arcachon in the southwest of France. It is in this setting of nature, dunes and beaches, on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean that Nina decides to change her life and devote herself to her first passion, jewelry creation.

Jewelry Puravida Loha are not simple jewelry. Nina adds poetry, heart and kindness to her creations. She tells beautiful sunny stories that will become our stories. Just by saying the name of the brand, it is already an invitation to travel. Puravida Loha means “pure life”, it is also a way of life: it is enjoyment, gratitude, family, love and friendship.

The DNA of the brand

The necklaces Puravida Loha are authentic artisanal creations that respect the environment. They are composed of semi-precious stones which resonate with our chakras, such as quartz which acts on the heart chakra promoting the healing of separations or lapis lazuli, symbol of serenity which balances our throat chakra. Nina adds to her compositions pretty little white shells with an original and delicate shape found in the Maldives and the Indo-Pacific basin: cowrie shells . You should know that cowrie shells are appreciated in divinatory art and recognized as real good luck charms and feminine symbols, they are said to help with fertility and are real beauty accelerators!

Nina uses exclusively silver findings (carabiners, chains, chains) to assemble and mount, with the greatest care, her white and colored necklaces, therefore, no risk of allergy or oxidation, you can even wear her necklace Puravida Loha to the beach and swim with it.

Brand Commitment

Puravida Loha claims its authenticity and its respect for the environment, but its creator goes further with a real commitment. Closely touched, the cause was close to her heart. Nina has decided to financially support the Bergonié foundation, to contribute to the fight against pancreatic cancer. She undertakes to donate 1% of her brand's annual turnover to support research.

Puravida Loha

With Puravida Loha , Nina offers us a sweet cocktail of sunshine and good energies to carry with us, like the promise of a better world... A luminous atmosphere that we find on INSTAGRAM . The editorial team is falling for this ultimate summer jewelry to carry in your suitcase!

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