Artisanal creations from Arcachon: authenticity and respect for the environment combined!


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History of the brand

Welcome to Puravida Loha, a French brand founded by our designer Nina.

Each piece of jewelry is unique and carefully designed to combine elegance, enchanted journey and absolute well-being. Carefully chosen stones and shells harmonize the chakras and soothe the soul.

Puravida Loha jewelry tells stories and is designed to be traveling companions in the quest for personal fulfillment.

Discover our collections, where poetry and luxury merge. Puravida Loha offers you a magical escape, a dance of energies to illuminate your life with grace.

Our engagement

Our objective is to financially support research centers in order to contribute to the fight against pancreatic cancer. We commit to paying 1% of our annual turnover. This funding aims to support their research work and collectively find solutions to overcome this disease.

We aspire to bring hope to those affected.

We will remain attentive to the progress of the work supported by the Bergonié Foundation, its figures, its impact and its needs.