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Discover the power of sodalite with our Bahia necklace. This stone, associated with the 5th and 6th chakras known as the throat and frontal chakras, facilitates introspection , brings harmony , balance and awakening of conscience . It promotes relaxation , inner peace and concentration .

The Bahia necklace highlights the natural beauty of sodalite , carefully selected for its energetic properties.

Made with high quality materials , Bahia is a unique piece of jewelry with a strong closure for a comfortable and secure fit.

NB: Each stone is unique and may have color variations as well as irregularities in size.

Dimensions: 38 cm + 5cm extension chain

Sodalite / Cowrie / 925 Silver

925 sterling silver will not rust. On the other hand, jewelry oxidizes over time and can turn black. Use baking soda mixed with warm water in a bowl to clean and revive your silver jewelry. Gently rub your jewelry with this solution using a soft cloth.

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